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What are Vitamin Injection Therapies?

An injection delivers vital nutrients directly into a muscle or subcutaneous tissue for some. It’s a quick and effective way to deliver certain vitamins and minerals directly to the body for absorption without having to take the time for an IV drip. Also, some vital nutrients like Vitamin D that is oil based, cannot be delivered through an IV and must be injected intramuscularly.

Browse our Vitamin Injections below:


Boosts your energy, kick starts your metabolism and helps you sleep better with this Vitamin B12 shot.


Burn fat, detox the liver, and boost energy with this Trio shot.


Blend of 5 different B vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, to help boost the immune system, increase energy, and improve red blood cell function.


The “sunshine vitamin” that helps boost the immune system, reduce depression, decrease allergy symptoms, reduce joint pain, and improve cognitive functions.


Assists in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, strengthens hair, and nails and improves skin.


Glutathione is the “mother of all antioxidants”. It protects cells from disease, detoxifies the liver, and is anti-aging. Add Glutathione to any Vitamin IV therapy.

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