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Unity with Immunity

Immunity is serious about your health. We are utterly dedicated to educating and supporting you to take control of your health and wellbeing, so we can help you to heal yourself, no matter what age or stage of life.  

Our vital nutrients and vitamin therapies are bioidentical, preservative, and synthetic-free, making them readily available and 100% absorbable into the body. Our experience, premium quality products, treatments, and individualized services propel us as authoritative leaders in wellness and self-care. 

We know that, at first, change can be overwhelming and scary, but once you take the first step, you’ll never look back.  Located in a blissful tropical setting in West Palm Beach, Florida, we offer the ultimate healing experience.  You can rest assured that our team of compassionate experts exudes positivity alongside an authentic and honest approach, so you will feel at home from the moment you arrive and leave feeling amazing!

Monday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday 9am–6pm
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday 9am–3pm
Sunday Closed

How you can find us

1480 Hippocrates Way 2nd Floor, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, United States

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