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Immunity is serious about your health. With a world-leading team dedicated to educating and guiding you to take control of your health and wellbeing, we can help you feel and be your best inside and out, regardless of your age or stage of life.

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Our vital nutrients and vitamin therapies are bioidentical, preservative, and synthetic-free, making them readily available and 100% absorbable into the body. Our high-quality products, innovative health treatments, revolutionary wellness therapies, and personalized approach positions us as the trusted leader in health care. Located in Lady Lake, Florida, we offer the ultimate wellness experience. You can rest assured that our team of highly qualified experts exudes positivity alongside an authentic and honest approach, so you know your wellbeing is in the safest hands.



Sabrina Ciceri sees medicine through a different lens and represents an evolution in health care, shifting the disease-centered focus of medicine to a more preventative approach. Recently, she fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening Immunity Health, a pioneering health clinic that offers treatments like IV Therapy, Hyperbaric and Red Light Therapy, Microneedling with Plant-Based Stem Cells, and much more—all designed to help clients achieve a stronger immune system and look and feel their best inside and out. Her vast experience in the healthcare field was the driving force behind opening this innovative company.

After spending 10 years working in conventional medicine as a nurse, she became fascinated with preventative health. Sabrina is also a certified fitness instructor who opened the first training studio in 2003 in her hometown. For 16 years, Sabrina has studied, researched, and learned about the preventative side of medicine and natural ways of healing the body. While working alongside medical experts at Hippocrates Wellness Center, a world-renowned holistic health institute in West Palm Beach, she spent countless hours interviewing health professionals worldwide to help people achieve optimal health through preventative medicine. She is also a Plant-based Health Educator. In 2008, Sabrina was part of a team that launched Healthy Living Magazine, named the “Best Overall Magazine” by the Florida Magazine Association, for nine years. Sabrina served as publisher of the Hippocrates Wellness Healing Our World magazine for four years. She has also served as a board member for several organizations, such as the American Cancer Society and LifeStream Behavioral Center, and the Central Florida Boys and Girls Club. Outside of her career, Sabrina and her husband, Joe, enjoy spending time with their large family. They have fostered and adopted many children. They were named the 2014 Foster Parents of the Year by Kids Central Inc.

Learn more about Sabrina & Immunity Health on this episode of The Healthy Living Podcast


Susan Maharaj
Susan Maharaj
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Caring staff ready and able to help you live your best life by helping you have your best health!
Lilian Rojas
Lilian Rojas
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I love the anti-inflammatory therapy like Red light therapy, and the other service like VEMI; it helps the physical and mental well being.


Join us at our leading wellbeing clinic in Lady Lake. Offering the most cutting-edge wellness technology and an expert team of specialists, Immunity is at the forefront of health and wellness to help you feel and look your best.




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Learn more about Sabrina Ciceri

The founder of Immunity Health

Discover the heart and soul behind Immunity Health Clinic by learning more about our founder, Sabrina Ciceri. In her critically acclaimed book, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s a Mother, Sabrina shares her compelling journey through faith, health, and old-school parenting, inspiring others to achieve their life goals and embrace the life they deserve.

Purchase the book online, or pop by and grab a copy from the Immunity Clinic!