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Step into a world where beauty and wellness converge through cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. At Immunity Health & Wellness Clinic, we specialize in transforming your skin and body to reflect your inner youth. Start your journey with a complimentary consultation where our aesthetic experts will design a personalized beauty regimen tailored just for you.

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Experience the revolutionary AquaFirme and Scarlett SRF treatments in our clinic. These state-of-the-art technologies redefine beauty standards, offering solutions for skin firming, rejuvenation, and scar reduction that promise visible results. Feel and look 10 years younger as we target your specific beauty goals with precision and care.

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Revitalize your skin naturally with AquaFirmeXS

AquaFirmeXS is a painless, safe, and effective all-in-one treatment that can restore balance and vitality to your skin by utilizing serums derived from plant extracts formulated to replenish the skin. Combining advanced technologies, EVO and EXO2, AquaFirmeXS uses specially designed solutions to deeply nourish, cleanse, exfoliate, tighten, and hydrate your skin.

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Belinda Gattuso
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"Absolutely loved my experience at immunity! The treatment plans and atmosphere are so uplifting and peaceful, can’t wait to go back!"
Joyce Stone
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"Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Always a pleasure and lmmunity is my happy place"
Georgia Lesiege
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"The team at Immunity is nothing short of amazing. They are friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Special shout out to Beth".
Mark Joslin
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"What a great experience! Every time. The red light therapy is working great on the scar after surgery and my shoulder joints. The B12 shot definitely gives an extra boost".
Katie Gravante
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"Immunity services are amazing and the staff is wonderful! Everyone should experience Immunity! ❤️"

Combat signs of aging with Scarlet SRF

The body responds to Scarlet SRF by stimulating the production of collagen — the skin’s main structural protein — to help repair and tighten the skin providing the ultimate treatment for forehead wrinkles, eyebrow drooping, crow’s feet, cheekbone, and mouth sagging, smile lines, and skin around the jaw – usually only treatable with a surgical facelift and is suitable for all skin types. 

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