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What is HyperMax EWOT therapy?

HyperMax Oxygen is the latest in the evolving equipment designed to offer Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). HyperMax is Maxx 02 redesigned and made by the same company since 2017. EWOT is the act of breathing higher concentrations of oxygen during exercise. In the past, simple masks and nasal cannulas connected directly to an oxygen generator were the best methods. However, oxygen generators only produce 10 Liters Per Minute (LPM) at maximum.

When you exercise, you can easily breathe 60-70+ LPM. This means you are “blending” the 93% pure oxygen from the generator within the mask or around the cannula. Since these oxygen delivery products allow room air in, you’re not coming close to getting the high purity and flow required. This problem is solved with HyperMax Oxygen. HyperMax Oxygen uses an oxygen generator to fill a large medical grade bag that holds 900 liters of oxygen. A high-flow mask is attached to that bag. Now every breath you take is 93% oxygen with no room air. HyperMax does not allow any room air inside. Only the oxygen from the bag is inhaled as a valve in the mask opens. As you exhale, C02 is blown out through the C02 port into the room.

What can HyperMax EWOT do for you?

  • Receive maximum energy

  • Faster recovery 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Better endurance 

  • Deeper sleep 

  • Stronger immunity

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Who can do EWOT

Moderate to severe lung disease with a low oxygen state (COPD & restricted air disease) are not candidates for EWOT. All others over the age of 18 are a candidate for EWOT therapy. 

What should I wear?

Clients should wear non-restricting workout attire. 

Session Duration

Clients can do 15 minutes 3 time per week maximum. 

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