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Enhance and support sexual wellness, naturally!

You can reignite sexual function, power-up performance, and supercharge overall health with Immunity’s non-invasive, drug-free shockwave therapy. Scientifically proven to treat the root cause, increase blood flow, restore healthy tissue, and optimize sexual performance for pain-free, lasting results with zero downtime.





Uses low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive. No downtime, drugs or surgery.

GAINSWave for him

Explore and enjoy heightened sexual performance with GAINSWave—a proven, non-invasive treatment that utilizes high-frequency, low-intensity shockwaves, delivering improved erections, increased libido, and optimal sexual performance. Unleash the benefits of enhanced blood flow to the penis, as it not only widens existing vessels but also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and nerve tissue.

GAINSWave for her

Revitalize sexual wellness with GAINSWave for her, a revolutionary, low-intensity shockwave therapy, a clinically proven solution addressing the root cause while enhancing blood flow for tissue restoration. This non-invasive, Simple In-office procedure targets both the outer and inner labia, offering women heightened sensitivity and pleasure, improved lubrication, and notable enhancements in strength, tightness, and appearance with zero downtime, drugs, or lasers.


Get a personalized health and wellness plan that targets your goals. Receive expert guidance and education to help you feel and be your absolute best, inside and out!


Susan Maharaj
Susan Maharaj
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Caring staff ready and able to help you live your best life by helping you have your best health!
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Lilian Rojas
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I love the anti-inflammatory therapy like Red light therapy, and the other service like VEMI; it helps the physical and mental well being.


Join us at our leading wellbeing clinic in Lady Lake. Offering the most cutting-edge wellness technology and an expert team of specialists, Immunity is at the forefront of health and wellness to help you feel and look your best.


GAINSWave for him

GAINSWave is a premium brand in the field of shockwave therapy designed to address erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease and optimize sexual performance. This treatment is administered by a nationwide network of highly trained medical providers. GAINSWave stands out as an effective option because it targets the underlying cause of many penile issues—poor blood flow. The treatment is completely natural, non-invasive, drug-free, and provides long-term results for patients.

As men age, their blood flow decreases, sensitivity weakens, and blood vessels become narrower. GAINSWave utilizes high-frequency, low-intensity shockwaves to revitalize the affected area. These shockwaves break down micro-plaque, increase blood flow, and promote the development of new blood vessels.

With just six to twelve 20-minute sessions, GAINSWave can help enhance your sexual performance.  At Immunity, we prioritize patient safety and optimal results to help you experience harder, stronger, and longer-lasting erections without the risk of unwanted side effects.

The treatment is entirely natural, non-invasive, drug-free, and safe for patients with underlying health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Always check with your medical professional before trying something new.  A member of our expert team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

GAINSWave for her

GainsWave for her uses low-intensity shockwaves, a clinically proven procedure that treats the root cause and increases blood flow to restore healthy tissue. The procedure is non-invasive and performed on the outer and inner labia. Women can expect results such as increased sensitivity and lubrication, as well as strengthening, tightening, and improved appearance. There is zero downtime, drugs, or lasers, and the results are long-lasting. GAINSWave for her was created and tested along with our community of providers, using standardized protocols to ensure patient safety and optimum results. Overall, GAINSWave for her helps enhance sexual performance and function.

The GAINSWave for her procedure increases cell signaling in blood vessels, which stimulates blood flow to nerves and the vaginal lining and activates the growth of healthier vaginal tissue. This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the vagina and can make orgasms easier to achieve. GAINSWave for her restores the natural ability to lubricate and can reduce pain experienced during intercourse.

GAINSWave for her can restore your sexual wellness and boost intimacy in just six to twelve sessions. The in-office procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is pain-free! After the procedure, you can resume normal daily activities, even sexual activity, the same night! Many women experience positive results post treatment including better sensation and shorter arousal time.

GAINSWave for her and shockwave therapy have been clinically studied and successfully treated urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder by reducing bladder leakage, decreasing frequency and urgency, improving the pelvic floor, and regenerating bladder wall tissue. 

While urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder are generally associated with aging, it can actually happen at any stage in a woman’s life. Current treatments include pharmaceuticals, surgeries, adult diapers, catheters, etc. GAINSWave for her offers a non-invasive, pain-free, and efficient approach that minimizes the inconvenience of wearable devices and diapers by alleviating leakage symptoms, frequency, and urgency.

Perimenopause occurs a few years before menopause commences. This is when the ovaries start to produce less estrogen, and menstruation becomes irregular. Women generally experience perimenopause in their 40s, but it can start in their late 30s or earlier. Whereas menopause is the stage when a woman has not had her menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. At this time, the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs, and estrogen production is significantly reduced. 

Perimenopause and menopause may affect a woman’s body in numerous ways and can continue into post-menopause. 

Symptoms may include bladder leakage, hot flashes, decreased skin elasticity, problems sleeping, and weight gain. 

With decreased hormone levels, it’s no surprise the vagina experiences change as well, which can include: 

  • Dryness 
  • Painful intercourse 
  • Thinning of the vaginal lining 
  • Reduced sex drive

GAINSWave for her helps women during and after menopause by increasing blood flow to the vagina resulting in increased sensitivity, natural lubrication, higher sex drive, restoration of new vaginal tissue, and strengthening of muscles to improve urinary incontinence.

The woman’s body goes through a serious transformation during childbirth. Some changes that occur after childbirth can be unexpected to a new mother and may leave her missing her old body. Symptoms can include decreased estrogen levels, bleeding, constipation, stretch marks, hair loss, and stubborn belly fat. Additionally, the vagina may experience bruising, swelling, stretching, dryness, and overall pain.

GAINSWave for her is great for women six months postpartum to: 

  • Improve vaginal laxity 
  • Help improve urinary incontinence 
  • Rejuvenate the vagina 
  • Get back to how they looked & felt pre-pregnancy and childbirth Reduce scar tissue from episiotomy repair




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