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What is Hyper T Pro therapy?

The HyperT Pro is the most advanced whole-body wellness pod available, incorporating both thermal and non-thermal Red Light health technology. HyperT Pro uses Bio-Stacking principles.

What can Hyper T Pro do for you?

  • Detox 

  • Increased metabolism and weight loss

  • Decreased inflammation 

  • Increased ATP (energy) production

  • Anti-aging benefits; reversal of oxidative stress

  • Increased endurance

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What therapies does the hyper T Pro?
  • Far-infrared sauna heating up to 190 degrees tolerated due to head being out and face cooling technology
  • Thermal exercise and weight management
  • The integrated fitness protocol uses far-infrared light, convection heat and exercise bands for optimal thermal exercise results and benefits.
  • Allows active or passive thermal exercise or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to be performed from 15 min to 60 min for maximum caloric burn and metabolism.
  • Red & Near-infrared light therapy (Photobiomodulation)
  • Dual Far-infrared & Convection heating is coupled with Red & Near-infrared light therapy to maximize wellness outcomes, improve skin tone, increase ATP (energy) production and so much more!
  • Exercise with Oxygen Therapy
  • Dynamic dry heat with hot-air blower
  • Face cooling with Himalayan salt & ionic air infused with 93% pure oxygen and aroma therapy
  • Dual-motor body massage
  • Soothing eScapes images, an option to enhance your session


Who should not have this treatment?

Those that have had organ transplants and/or pregnant must have written consent from treating physician prior to using this therapy


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