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Exploring the Aesthetic Treatments: AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF

The beauty and skincare industry is constantly evolving, introducing innovative technologies and treatments that support rejuvenated skin and a youthful appearance. Two such treatments that we proudly offer at Immunity Health are the revolutionary AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF, which are gaining popularity. These FDA-approved aesthetic treatments are known for their non-invasive techniques and promising results with zero downtime. Join us as we explore how these revolutionary treatments can benefit you. 

What are AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF?

AquaFirmeXS is a multifaceted skin treatment system designed to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin using a combination of water jets and vacuum suction. This treatment is akin to a more advanced form of microdermabrasion but utilizes water and targeted serums instead of abrasive particles. It’s designed to be gentle on the skin while providing deep cleansing and hydration. Immunity’s pioneering AquaFirmeXS can help brighten and rebalance your complexion. Suitable for all skin types, AquaFirmeXS provides the optimal approach to support skin challenges such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin, pigmentation, and other common skin conditions to achieve the ultimate glow.

Scarlet SRF, on the other hand, is a treatment that uses fractional radiofrequency (RF) technology. This technique involves the use of microneedles to deliver RF energy into deeper layers of the skin. The purpose is to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, tighten the skin, and improve its texture. Scarlet SRF is often touted for its effectiveness in tackling a wide variety of cosmetic concerns – from skin tightening on the face and neck to tone and texture, rosacea, aging hands, and even loose skin on the body to increase the density of your skin and avoid invasive surgery for the ultimate youthful look and feel.

Benefits of AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF

The benefits of these beautifying treatments are vast and cater to a wide range of skin needs:

  • Hydration and Cleansing: AquaFirmeXS excels at deeply hydrating the skin, essential for maintaining its elasticity and smoothness. Its water-based exfoliation technique helps remove debris and unclog pores without causing irritation.
  • Enhanced Skin Texture and Tone: Both treatments improve the skin’s texture and tone. Scarlet SRF, in particular, is effective in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its collagen-boosting capabilities.
  • Reduced Appearance of Scars and Skin Tightening: Scarlet SRF is especially beneficial for those looking to reduce the appearance of scars, including acne scars. It also helps in tightening sagging skin, offering a more youthful appearance.
  • FDA-Approved and Suitable for All Skin Types: Both AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF are FDA-approved and suitable for a variety of skin types. This universal applicability makes them favorites among people with different skin concerns.

Conditions Treated by AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF

AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF are not just about enhancing skin appearance; they also address multiple skin conditions:

  • Acne and Oily Skin: AquaFirmeXS helps manage acne by deeply cleansing the pores and reducing excess oil. This can prevent the formation of new acne lesions.
  • Aging Skin: Scarlet SRF is particularly beneficial for aging skin, as it helps restore the skin’s firmness and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting new collagen production. It also treats sun-damaged skin and scars.
  • Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone: Both treatments can help reduce dark spots and uneven skin tones, making the skin appear brighter and more even.
  • Sensitive Skin Issues: Given their gentle nature, both treatments are suitable for sensitive skin, providing benefits without harsh reactions.


In Conclusion, AquaFirmeXS and Scarlet SRF represent cutting-edge, non-invasive aesthetic treatments, offering many benefits for various skin conditions. Whether you want to rejuvenate aging skin, tackle acne, or simply boost your skin’s overall health and appearance, our innovative treatments provide effective solutions with minimal discomfort and downtime. At Immunity Health, we offer only the most advanced treatments to ensure you can look and feel your absolute best, inside and out.  Contact one of our wellness experts today to discover more!


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