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What is Nebulizing Therapy?

Nebulizing therapy aims to deliver a therapeutic dosage of a drug by inhalation of the drug-aerosol, which is generated with a drug solution or suspension by a nebulizer, through the mouth, nose or artificial airway (including endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes) into airways and lungs.

Nebulizing Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful molecule that is found naturally in the body and has many positive effects on our health. It has the ability to decrease viral replication and strengthens our immune system to help us fight off viruses. However, glutathione levels decrease as we age, which leads to a weakened immune system. The excellent news is that you can boost your body’s immune system via nebulizing glutathione right here at Immunity! 

Benefits of Nebulizing Glutathione
  • Corrects antioxidant deficiency in the lungs.

  • Reverses oxidative injury to the lungs.

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory to the airways.

  • Increases Th1 antiviral response.

  • Enhances glutathione in the lining of the lower respiratory tract thought to be the first line of defense against oxidative stress.

  • Results in an increase in forced expiratory volume.

Nebulizing Silver

Silver has been used to kill over 650 different illness-causing microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi for centuries all over the world. 

Benefits of Nebulizing Silver
  • Reduce migraine symptoms.

  • Numbs nerve irritation.

  • Reduces anxiety and depressions.

  • Reduces pain.

  • Boost sleep quality.

  • Preventing and treating cancer.

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