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What is the Superhuman Protocol?

Superhuman protocol is the highest level of therapies on the market today scheduled simultaneously for the maximum immune boost and benefit to reduce inflammation and improve health. Combines VEMI, EWOT and Theralight.

Step one:


Step two:


Step three:

Theralight 360

Know more about the Superhuman Protocol

Step 1: PureWave

The PureWave system is an advanced Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy system (PEMF) for fast pain relief, relaxation and well-being. PureWave is a tool for fast and easy recovery from the symptoms of over-exertion, lower back pain, muscle aches and strains, nervous tension and every day emotional stress. 

Step 2: EWOT

With EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), the body can create an oxygen-rich environment that improves overall health by getting the heart pumping and delivering oxygen to healthy cells. This session, after the VEMI bed, allows oxygen to go much deeper into the cell.

Step 3: Theralight Bed

Photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy) previously known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation and give relief for both acute and chronic pain. This being combined with step one and step two means that the ability to drive powerful antioxidants into the cells is more effective since the pathways have been opened and the oxygen saturation is present.

Why is the order important?

Each technology has a profound effect on the next. For example, charging the cells separates them allowing for more oxygen absorption. This is the immediate window of opportunity for oxygen training. EWOT (exercise with oxygen) can be 30% more effective after PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). Light is then optimized because of the additional O2 in the blood plasma and cellular surface space has increased (cells now repel vs. clump) creating a window of opportunity for optimal light absorption and oxygen uptake to reverse the oxidative stress and optimize APT (energy) production.Without magnetism, oxygen, and light we cannot survive. With them we are “Superhuman.” The benefits are compelling no matter if you’re 80, in a wheelchair, or a Gold Medal Olympian. Magnetism, oxygen, and light created life. When you expose the body to these powerful natural forces, in the correct order, you can restore its order

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