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Keeping your immune system strong and functioning optimally is key for overall health, which is why we put immunity at the heart of everything we do here. Not only does a healthy immune system help heal our bodies from illness and disease, it also helps prevent them from occurring in the first place.

From Vitamin Therapy Drips and Injections to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cryotherapy, we have the perfect treatments to restore your health and improve your life.


What Immunity can offer

We offer a wide range of wellness treatments to educate and empower you on your health journey. Our highly effective therapies and medicines are ready to help your body defend itself, prevent disease, and heal.

Vital Nutrient Therapies

Our vital nutrient therapies are quick and highly effective ways to nourish your body with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to thrive. You can choose from Vitamin Therapy Drips, Injections, Glutathione Therapy, and more, to help restore optimum nutrient levels.


We offer scientifically backed healing therapies to help balance your mind and body, and support your immune system. Our innovative techniques like Infrared VEMI Beds, Oxygen Therapy, Cryotherapy, Light Therapy, and more, are ready to help improve your health.


Our range of functional medicine helps you take a deep dive into what your body and immune system needs. We can test your hormone levels, analyze your cellular health, test for nutrient deficiencies, and more, and then advise on the best ways to tackle any issues.

Discover our Therapies

Vital Nutrient Therapies
Healing Therapies
Functional Medicine
Vital Nutrient Therapies

Vitamin Therapy Drips
Glutathione Therapy
Nebulizing Therapy

Healing Therapies

Theralight 360
HyperMax EWOT
HyperT Pro
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Superhuman Protocol
BrainTap Therapy
Quantron-Resonance System (QRS)

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine
Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy 360
Peptide Therapy
Spectracell’s Micronutrient Test
Body Composition Analisys
Food Inflammation Test

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Sabrina Ciceri

Founder & Owner

Sabrina Ciceri, Founder and Owner of Immunity sees medicine through a different lens and represents an evolution in health care, shifting disease-centered focus of medicine to a more preventative approach.

She has visited Hippocrates Wellness several times a year for the last 12 years and published their magazine, Healing our World, for over four years between 2015-19. Combining her lifetime experience in the medical field as a nurse and the countless hours of training and interviewing health professionals from around the world, her passion grew to help people achieve optimal health through preventative medicine.


I’ve got so much more energy!Before my experience with Immunity Health I was tired ALL of the time and managed to pick up every annoying illness that was going around. After deciding enough was enough, I reached out to a friend who recommended Sabrina Cicerci and her team and I cannot thank them enough. I feel like a brand new woman full of energy, and I haven’t been ill since!

Jodie Peterson

Chronic Fatigue


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